“Ciúme é o medo de perder o que é seu. Não se iluda, ninguém é de ninguém..”
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I made these for my media exam today, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with the results.

(I got permission by Ana Rivas to use her photos of the band for the project, and I also used a photo I took in NYC a few years ago.)

(I added a tiny watermark with my name on them, as I don’t wanna risk what has happened in the past happening again, and having someone repost them. I tried to make them tiny, and although I feel like they ruin the design, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would really appreciate it if people wouldn’t repost them without permission, as I worked really hard on making these, and they feature one of my own photos, as well as Ana Rivas’ photos. I doubt anyone would want to steal my posters/work, but who knows. Haha)


Dangerous Creatures - Ridley Duchannes


But you're still on my mind 

Give me one last dance
I just need one last dance with you


look what i have!

ellington lee fu***** ratliff bangin’ hard (with his drum sticks LOL) to talk dirty

xx gg